Friday, June 6, 2008


This was all over news feeds this morning...I am absolutely INFURIATED!!!!!!

Stacey Fearnall, a waitress in Owen Sound, ON, who raised over $2,700.00 for shaving her head for Cops for Cancer has lost her job for being bald!!! What if she was undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments and lost her hair, would she receive the same treatment and be fired? The owner, Dan Hilliard, of Nathaniel's Restuarant located at 215 8th Street East in Owen Sound, ON, says this is an employer-employee matter and not a public matter. The owner is quoted in the Toronto Star as saying that "his customers would have been appalled by her shorn head". WTF!?!?!? I call BS!!!! I think Stacey's new do looks beautiful; and her ex-employer looks like a complete idiot!!! When I shaved my head last year when my mom was undergoing her chemotherapy treatments, I received nothing but praise and support from my employer. This is an outrage!

Talk about a human rights violation let alone an Ontario Labour Code wrongful dismissal. For the record, there are male waiters at this restaurant who are bald and / or shave their heads!!!! I hope she sues the pants off him for discrimination and wrongful dismissal!

I for one will NEVER EVER set foot anywhere near this man's restaurant.


Tracey & Mike said...

Dan sucks.

amanda said...

The employer should be proud to support his employee!
i hope she sues, but he could easily loose so many customers there won't be a restaurant to sue!
i won't set foot in any place like that!