Tuesday, September 9, 2008

She Colors My Day

Looks like one of my favourite brands, philosophy, is creating a new bath product, She Colors My Day.

Award-winning artist Amy Grant recently announced a special partnership with Cristina Carlino, founder of philosophy inc., and art of grace, a company for greater purpose and not profit. Grant just recorded “She Colors My Day,” a song written by Carlino, and her business partner Stuart Matheson.

Inspired by the artwork of her daughter, Carlino and Matheson authored and co-created a heartwarming song that celebrates the relationship between a mother and her daughter. The She Colors My Day single recorded by Grant will be available to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. philosophy will support art of grace by creating a She Colours My Day inspirational bath product and will donate 100% of its net proceeds from the sale of the product to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund.

The bath product will be available exclusively at philosophy.com. She Colors My Day is a high-foaming green bubble bath to celebrate the bond between mothers and daughters and help give back to a very worthwhile cause. I absolutely love philosphy's Shower for the Cure and am really looking forward to the release of one as well.


Vicki said...

This is great to hear about. My DIL loves Grace cologne and this will be a wonderful product to give her to celebrate the arrival of her daughter, Payton. My son Jeff and DIL Kristin are in the homestretch of their Vietnam adoption. We hope to have Payton here by October.

Thanks for sharing about it and I bet you are nervous!

Tracey said...

But can it be as good as "Shower for a cure"? I love that stuff!

Shari said...

Tracey...it's from philosophy...it'll be awesome. As soon as it's available to purchase, I'm ordering one for me and one for you :)