Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Countdown's On

T-10 days and counting.

My BSO / LAVH is scheduled for November 7th and boy is reality starting to set in. I've started have some big bouts of anxiety and am verging on the odd panic attack...not fun!!! A good cry, a scream or two, a hot bubble bath and a soothing cup of tea usually does the trick to calm the nerves though.

My pre-op went really well. I had a telephone interview instead of having to drive to London for another appointment. That was a nice change. It was 101 health questions and then she told me what to expect post-op. She said I should only be in the hospital 2 nights, but then it's 6 weeks of doing nothing! It sounds nice, but I imagine that will drive me crazy after a couple of weeks. I'm going to buy lots of novels to fill the time. I'm also planning on purchasing a laptop and wireless router this coming weekend so hopefully I'll be able to keep up on the message boards and update here from the comfort of my own bed.

I've been trying to get everything in order and organized so that I don't have too much to worry about or do post-op. I have 90% of my Christmas shopping done so hopefully will feel up to completing it about 3 or 4 weeks after the surgery. I hope so or the stockings could be a little bare this year.

Well, that's about it for now...time for aforementioned hot bath and cup of tea!

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Vicki said...

Shari I think of you daily and my last visit to Margaret Anne's in Port Elgin brought you into both of our conversations. I am anxious for you as well and empathize with this life altering decision you have made.
I like your idea of a laptop and will be following your progress post op with great interest. I am sending you warmth and caring through cyberspace and wish you peaceful days ahead.
love to you and your family