Monday, November 3, 2008


Since I still haven't received my referral for the plastic surgeons or a date for my follow-up MRI, I called the nurse practioner who works with the breast surgeon and the plastic surgeons, Margo, to ask again if she's heard anything. Short answer...NO.

She had wanted my MRI done before my hysterectomy this Friday, however she said "they must have thought differently". She said they won't want to do the MRI now until at least a month after my surgery. AAAAAHHHHHHHH That will push my mastectomy / reconstruction surgery date even further. I asked about surgery timeline and she said honestly it will probably be months because of resources (mainly operating room time). I was so upset when I got off the phone, I was almost in tears. I just want this over with!!!

One good thing, Margo said she's going to visit me Friday afternoon when I'm back in my room after my hysterectomy. I really like Margo and it will be wonderful to see her.

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