Monday, August 24, 2009

Fillin' those Foobs!!!

Today's fill went extremely well and was a very well attended event. Of course there was Dr. Temple, nurse Christine and my angel Margo, the nurse practitioner; but today's audiance also included Dr. Evans, Carlos, a clerk (student maybe? not sure?), and a photographer, DH. Yes, today's session was photographed from start to finish so everyone can see the process. I hope it doesn't freak anyone out. It looks a lot worse than it is!!! Notice how Dr. Temple managed to somehow dodge the camera's eye (other than her hands) time!!!

I received 75cc in each side today...I wish she would have given me 100 as I feel pretty fab after today's session...maybe next time. She didn't want to give me more because of my "small frame"...bleh...I could have taken it! I have 450cc expanders and so far I have 250cc in each. At least I'm over half-way full. My next fill is set for September 8th...I can't wait!!!
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Syringes and other medical-type goodies needed for the fill.

Dr. Evans



Dr. Temple finding the fill ports.

Needles in and tubes attached ready for the saline-filled syringes.

Since Dr. Evans was helping out Dr. Temple, they filled both sides at the same time and were done in no time pun intended!!!
and a special message for you cancer...CAN'T GET ME!!!


Vicki said...

I am so glad that this time it was much easier on you! I know you mentioned a good deal of pain with the last fill. Wishing you the very best!

Anonymous said...

Shari ,you are one strong cookie.........
I love you ,you are the best!!!
I love the cancer can't get me pic..

luv Shelley ===))))

l'optimiste said...

love the pic AND the sentiment!! :o)