Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm still here!

Sorry, but I've been bad at updating my blog. To be honest, I just haven't felt up to it; physically and emotionally.

I had my drain tubes removed on July 23, no problem. It was actually painless and it sure felt good to get those drains out!

After that though, I sort of went downhill. Physically, I've been in a fair amount of pain and discomfort. Emotionally, I been on a rollercoaster. Today is the first day that I've actually felt sort of human.

I saw Dr. Temple on August 4 for a follow-up appointment. She said the incisions are healing nicely and everything looked good. She then sprung on me "are you ready for a fill?" Well, I wasn't expecting that, but I thought why not. I was terrified after seeing the syringes, tubes and needles, but believe it or not, I felt nothing when she inserted the needle into my chest. She put in 50cc into each side. I tolerated that very well, so she put in another 25cc in each side. That was enough. I definitely felt was tight! 100cc was put in at surgery, so I'm now at 175cc's per side.

The week following has been hell. I've had horrible nerve regeneration pain where my breasts used to be. I've also had horrible rib pain following the fill. I'm living on ibuprofen to help with the swelling and pain and today is the first day I've felt somewhat human. I hope the fills get easier but I have a feeling they won't.

Dr. Temple also broke my heart and told me I likely won't be able to go on any of the big rides at Disneyworld when we go on our family trip this October. She said the pain will probably be horrible and she's unsure about damaging the expanders. She said we'll keep talking about it each appointment and see how I'm progressing.

This is what an expander looks like. The round disk is the filling port. A needle is inserted through your chest into the port and then a large syringe filled with saline is attached and injected into the expander.

My next fill is scheduled for August 24. I couldn't get in earlier as Dr. Temple is on holidays. DH will be going with me next time, so I'll be getting him to take some photographs of the fill process.

Here is what I look like on day 26. I have a little more shape following the fill last week. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture (will open in a new window).

12Aug2009_01_thumb.jpg (2306 bytes)


Vicki said...

Amazing! My close friend has a friend who just went through the same surgery and has the expanders now. I happen to work for a mindless wonder who drove to Virginia to have her current breast implants removed and new ones of 550cc and 575cc! Apparently this surgeon was well-researched by her. I have not seen her yet but when I think about all that you, my close friend who is no longer here, and way too many others have gone through to save mind is boggled by this amount of vanity.
Take care Shari....I am thinking of you and hoping for you to have pain free days ahead.

Lisa Roy said...

Hey Shari,

Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time. Even though we think we're mentally prepared before surgery, it's truly impossible for us to know the mental impact until after surgery when faced with the stark results.

It's tough and requires some soul searching, but you seem like a tough cookie to me. It doesn't change us as people, just makes us stronger.

Your scars look to be healing really well. I can tell you that 9 months on mine have paled into insignificance. IT's well worth the effore once you get past the first few months.

As for the pain on filling, I cant really understand what the rush is over there. Your surgeons seem to want to fill and swap out your expanders so quickly, no wonder its painful!

I didn't have my 1st fill til 4 weeks after surgery, then monthly after that. It took time, but was only sore for 1 or 2 days after.

Hang in there. Use the meds, that's what they're there for.

Take care x


rachel said...

hey shari...i back tracked on your blog to this thread because i am still feeling awful after my first fill. reading your post reassured me that this is normal and to be expected.

looks like i am in for long haul of expander hell. now that i know this pain is normal i think i can cope with it easier. i am going to be the biggest lazy ass for the next few months. the only time i don't hurt is when i am not moving.