Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tattoo Session #3 September 9, 2011

Yesterday I went for my third session on my Pirates of the Caribbean chest piece.  I didn't bother posting after my second session because it was just some more outlining and shading.  Yesterday, we added colour!  Photographs do it no justice.  Jarkko's doing an amazing job.  I have no more sessions booked before our trip to Disney in October.  Hopefully we can get back at it soon!!!  Jarkko wanted the top part that shows, including the cover-up of the old tattoos, to look decent before our trip.  I think he did it!!!

Click on picture for larger version.

The tattoo Gods were shining down on my yesterday as the appointment before me was a no-show (something I will NEVER understand...who misses a tattoo appointment?) Because we had more time, we were also able to do the Steamboat Willie I'd been wanting. He's on the outside lower part of my right arm.  He looks incredible!  and reminds me of my dear sweet Dad.  So happy to have it done before our Disney trip too!  Not related to my scar cover-up, but a really important piece to me.

Click on picture for larger version.

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