Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Looks like it's time to dust off the old blog...

It's ironic I find myself resurrecting my blog during National Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer week and on National Previvors' Day. 
When I had my final breast reconstruction surgery in December 2010, I thought that was the end of my journey...apparently life has different plans for me.
My reconstruction has never felt comfortable; I have never felt "normal" as in how I felt prior to my mastectomy, but I thought that was how it would be and lived with it.  I had occasional pain and constant tightness and pressure.  Over the past week, I started to develop terrible pain on my left side.  I finally thought enough is enough and this past Monday, I called the Breast Care Centre at St. Joseph's Hospital in London.  I was given an appointment for the next morning at 8:30 am (they don't mess around) with my angel Margo, the nurse practitioner who had travelled my entire journey with me.
I was given a thorough examination and Margo thinks I've developed capsular contracture, which basically means my body is rejecting the implants. Margo's put in a referral to Dr. Doug Ross as my previous plastic surgeon left London 2 years ago. We discussed possible alternatives for further reconstruction.  I don't want to go the implant route again since this is round 2 as it is.  We discussed the possibility of a DIEP flap, apparently I have enough belly fat (thanks Margo! LOL) This is something I will have to discuss with Dr. Ross to find out if I'm even a candidate for the procedure.  I should receive my referral to Dr. Ross within a month and Margo will accompany me when I go.  Regardless of what surgical direction I go, one thing is certain...these implants have got to go!!!
I am resurrecting my blog and will update as things progress. 
It would appear, my journey once again begins...


Sarah said...

While the reason you're back blogging is not the best one, it's still nice to see you blogging again, Shari.

Know that we are all with you on your new journey ahead however you may need us.

Shari said...

Thank you Sarah! XO