Monday, November 4, 2013

BRCAnxiety...what they don't tell you about BRCA testing!

Someone posted the following article on Facebook yesterday and I felt the strong need to share it.  This is a definite must read for anyone who has been through genetic testing, is thinking of being tested, for family, friends, doctors, nurses, everyone! 
At no point during my journey were the psychological effects of positive BRCA results ever discussed with me, nor was counselling ever offered other than a cancer survivor group.  I am not a survivor, I am a previvor, and in my mind, there is a big difference. 
As much as I love my medical team, I do think the medical profession needs to look at all aspects of genetic testing and the impact on people's lives. I have managed to learn to live with the impacts on a daily basis, however I have my days full of anger and sadness about "what I've done to my body" and how these life changing decisions have altered my life on so many levels.
Ok, small rant over.  Please read the article, it's definitely worth the time. 

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