Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yet Another Referral

I got another referral today. Dr. Power’s office called me with a referral to Dr. George Vilos. He’s apparently a gynaecologist laparoscopy genius! Dr. Power is reluctant to do laparoscopy on me because of a large abdominal incision I had from liver surgery back in 1992, so he wanted me to see an expert to see if I'm a candidate for laparoscopy. I'd never heard of Dr. Vilos, but apparently, he’s one of Canada’s best! Dr. Power said I could speak to him about having a total hysterectomy as it can be done vaginally with laparoscopic assist. If I'm not a candidate for laparoscopy, I'll have to have my surgery abdominally.

Out of curiosity, I Googled him and he’s done a little with Da Vinci™ surgery. I don’t think he’s done a Da Vinci™ hysterectomy, but I’m going to ask him about it for sure!

One down side though…my appointment isn’t until August 25th…the wait seems to be getting longer.

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