Sunday, July 20, 2008

Feeling Anxious!

I'm starting to get pretty anxious again. Time sure flies! It seemed like forever before I had my doctors' appointments and look at that calendar! I have 2 this week.

I see my gynaecologist, Dr. Steve Power, again this Tuesday. Unfortunately DH is unable to attend with me this time, so I'll be heading to London alone. All should be fine though, this is just a follow-up. I have a pile of questions to ask him, so hopefully we'll get a chance to have a long talk. I've made myself a list this time so I don't forget to ask anything!!! Instead of having just the prophylactic salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of tubes and ovaries), I'm going to opt for a total hysterectomy. If I'm going to go this far to avoid cancer, I may as well try to avoid all female cancers. With no tubes and ovaries, I don't need a uterus. "Why keep the basket if you have no eggs!"

Unfortunately, I don't see the gynaecological laparoscopy specialist until the end of August. I'm hoping this can be done by laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy, however Dr. Power was unsure if I am a candidate for laparoscopy because of a HUGE abdominal incision I have from liver surgery in 1992. I just want this surgery done so badly that I don't care and will do the abdominal surgery just to get this over with. I'm very anxious as it is recommended this surgery be done by the age of 45 and I'm let's "gid 'er done"!

Then, this coming Friday, I finally get to see the breast oncologist, Dr. Muriel Brackstone. DH is able to attend this one...I'm glad. I have a lot of questions to ask her as well and have made myself a list for her too so I don't forget anything. I've pretty much made my decision and I'm not going to opt for the surveillance route; I'm going to ask for a bilateral mastectomy. I've done tons of research on various reconstruction options and surgeries, so will discuss those with her, however, I imagine for most Q&As I will have to wait until I get a referral to a plastic surgeon. I'm hoping I'm a candidate for nipple-sparing FREE (muscle sparing) TRAM Flap (transverse rectus abdominous myocutaneous flap: a type of reconstructive surgery). I love the idea of using my own body to reconstruct my breasts as opposed to silicone implants. And as an added bonus, one of the "side effects" of a TRAM Flap is a permanent tummy tuck!!! If I am not a candidate, then I will go for implants. I'm hoping the wait for that referral won't be so long.

There may be the possibility of doing both surgeries at once. This is a much longer and complicated surgery (ranging from 8 - 12 hours), with a longer hospital stay and recovery time, but it would be one or two less surgeries. I don't know if this is an option, but it won't hurt to ask!

If anyone has any suggestions of questions I should ask, feel free to send 'em along!

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Tracey & Mike said...

Good luck with your appointment Tuesday. Sorry I can't come. :(