Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today's appointment with Dr. Steve Power went extremely well. I just love Dr. Power, his beside manner is the best!!!

First, I got my CA-125 (carcinogenic antigen 125) blood test results. The results came back low, low, low, which is exactly what we want!!!

Dr. Power did another TVU (transvaginal ultrasound) and everything looks great! My uterus is normal, my right ovary is small and inactive and my left one was ovulating! YIPPEE!!!
Despite having some hot flashes and night sweats, this means I'm not quite at menopause...yet! It's wonderful having Dr. Power do the ultrasound...he explains everything you're seeing on the screen and there's no waiting for results.

We talked a little more about Dr. Vilos and the surgery. He again reiterated that Dr. Vilos is the best and I couldn't ask for a better gynaecological / laparoscopic surgeon. He said because of my BRCA2 status, an abdominal wash and pathology will be done on absolutely everything they remove just to make sure there are no cancer cells present at all.

Dr. Power doesn't want to see me again until after my surgery...unless it doesn't happen within the next 4 months; then he wants to see me again for another ultrasound. He figures I should have the surgery within a month or two of seeing Dr. Vilos. I'm not an emergency case, but am considered higher risk because of my BRCA2 status and will more than likely get bumped up the surgical list.

That's about it! It's off to see the breast oncologist, Dr. Muriel Brackstone, on Friday.

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Wendy said...

I was sooo nice to finally meet you at the zoo. Your family is just wonderful...

Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well with your surgery.

Take Care