Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank goodness for MRIs

Although a breast MRI isn't the most pleasant of experiences, it certainly beats the alternative...the dreaded mammogram!!! I head to London on Monday for a follow-up breast MRI that was recommended after my last one. My previous MRI results from this past April showed a small "something" that was too small (6 x 7 x 5 mm) to characterize and a follow-up was recommended. My appointment is at 12:40. My breast surgeon, Dr. Muriel Brackstone wants this done before my mastectomy.

Then, at 2:30, I have my first consultation appointment with the plastic surgeon, Dr. Claire Temple. We're going to discuss my reconstruction options.

My two appointments were originally scheduled on 2 separate dates scheduled 4 days apart. Margo, the nurse practitioner who works with both Dr. Brackstone and the plastic surgery team worked her magic and got me scheduled for both on one day. With Bruce County winters, I'll be lucky to make one trip to London in January, let alone two!!!

I will update how everything goes as soon as I can.


Vicki said...

You are so right about getting to London from your area....good luck Shari.

Jonesy said...

Hope it goes well. I'm sure your mood 'sick' is just worry or nerves. I am busy making a wishlist for my own hospital visit. Its noticing the countdown thats scary - life goes on in between and then its there, happening. Thinking of you :) x

Jonesy said...

Hey Shari - can I ask why you seeing a London surgeon when you are in Canada? Wishing you all the best with your MRI scan though - I have yet to encounter such a machine but I am sure it is scheduled at some point before my surgery. I will ask about this at my next appointment..which I am waiting for. I hope your 'sick' mood means you are just nervous and not actually sick - that would suck big time!

Its wet n wild out there today - UK weather stinks!! lol x

Shari said...

My surgeon is in London, Ontario; not your London. I have been to your London though and loved it! The MRI is not the most fun thing in the world, but hopefully today was my last one ever!!!! I guess I should change my mood. I was sick with a horrible cold since Boxing Day and it's just going away now. Good to hear from you!

Jonesy said...

I am a numpty! Never was good at geography!! lol..I haven't had an MRI yet but should do before my surgery (I would hope!!). Glad you are not sick anymore - anxious is about how I feel a lot of the time - trying not to.

Blimey...what ARE we doing to ourselves??!! x