Friday, April 11, 2008

Talk about making a girl cry!!!

My husband left a comment on my blog today. Some of you may not read the comments, so I've posted it here so you could read about make a girl cry! I love you Wayne. You are my rock!


Hi All

This is a very difficult and emotional situation for me. However, as Shari's husband it is my role to support her and carry her through this. I cannot imagine what she is going through but I can see what the stress of this situation is doing to her. I must find a way to be strong when I want to cry with her. I do not care what has to be done but what ever changes she must make physically, lifestyle and otherwise; I will love and support her no matter what. She will always be the woman of my dreams and I made a vow in front of God and the world that I would love her in sickness and in health and I will continue to uphold that vow no matter what.

I love you Shari, forever

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Anonymous said...

Talk about making two girls cry!!
awww, wayne! your are amazing! i'm so glad that shari has you there with her through all this. i wish there was more i could do, but being so far away, i'm limited in the ways i can support her and help her through all this. it makes me feel soo much better knowing that you are with her loving her unconditionally, helping her, crying with her, and being strong with/for her. Shari, you are in terrific hands!
I love you guys, take care of eachother!